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Ellenbrook Community Collective

A group of local people passionate about making a difference in our community and committed to thinking outside the box when it comes to how we do this!

A blonde, a brunette and a red head walk into a cafe… it sounds like the prelude to another bad joke but for the community of Ellenbrook it was the beginning of something special.

Three local women who wanted to make a difference and ensure that the local community was well looked after.


From this, a small group of people from different backgrounds, walks of life and other local community groups with a desire to see the local Christmas Markets and Pageant continue to be an annual event for the area, decided that a group such as this was the way to go and from this, Ellenbrook Community Collective was born.

The initial conversations in the establishment of Ellenbrook Community Collective were all around  how we could establish a unique group that would creatively and strategically connect all aspects of our incredible community. 


People are at the centre of a strong community and the support and encouragement that we have had from local people, groups and businesses for this newly  Incorporated Community Group has confirmed that our Community is alive and well! 

Ellenbrook Community Collective has five main objectives:


  • to run significant and meaningful local events for and within our local community

  • to support and promote other local community group events

  • to inject the funds we raise in various ways back into our community 

  • to champion the cause of local community initiatives 

  • to support people in need in various ways within our local area

Who We Are


General Info

There are always questions that Community leaders have on their lips at any given time…  


How do we connect community effectively and for the long term? 

How can we initiate conversations between community groups and facilitate strategic connections that benefit everyone? 

How can we best foster transparent and open relationships between groups that provide a platform to grow our community to be the best it can be, to maximise engagement of as many individuals as possible and provide a sense of ‘settledness’ amongst us? 

The Collective aims to provide answers to these questions in very real and practical ways!  


We are a group of local people passionate about making a difference in our community and committed to thinking outside the box when it comes to how we do this.


The Collective is growing organically… we don't know how it will look at any given time as our community’s needs are always changing.


The exciting thing is that we get to be an integral part of what’s going on and if we can assist, initiate or support in any way, then we have done our job!  

The Collective is keen to connect and work closely with local business and community groups to pool resources, skills and knowledge and create a unique model of what a successful community catalyst group should look like.    


It is also committed to providing a central point of reference or a 'community hub' for the community as a whole. Strategically linking residents, community groups, sporting groups, businesses and organisations may further assist community collaboration, cooperation and long term health.


Facilitating and nurturing open channels of communication that allow all parts of our community to engage, plan and deliver beneficial outcomes for the area can only assist in further creating a healthy, liveable, likeable and sustainable community. 

Meet The Team


We are always looking for members and volunteers who are passionate and enthusiastic about making our community a better place to live.


Any existing community group representative or individual living or working in Ellenbrook and surrounding areas can contribute towards the vision, planning, marketing and running of The Collective's not-for-profit community events and initiatives. 


The Collective would love to see a strong cross section of our community contributing to the groups conversations around community health and wellbeing. 

The Collective aims to reach all ages of the local community (young children, primary aged children, youth, adults and senior citizens) and demographics as well as local businesses.


Facilitating strong connections between all ages, cultures and aspects of community will provide a solid foundation on which we can build some amazingly unique and valuable events in our area.


Vulnerable individuals and families, disadvantaged and marginalised people are also a priority. 

The Collective caters to all areas of the community and supports local schools, other community groups, organisations and local small/home businesses.


We are dedicated to improving community inclusivity and building stronger networks between groups by working together on projects and initiatives. 

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